A Short Word/Advent 2017

The world see
ms dark & getting darker.
Confusion & Uncertainty reign.
Arrogance & Ignorance have grabbed the wheel.
I understand that “religion” has been a “bad trip” for so many.
The sins of greed, abuse, ignorance & compliance, when found among those who supposedly represent Jesus, are heinous & reprehensible. Such sins seem to be “written larger” than ever these days among those who claim His Name.
I’ll play my cards:
This world is either charged with a Meaning & Mystery, a hallowed “something” bigger” than ourselves; a something that we, in our finitude can’t competently explain or “nomenclature,”
or it isn’t.
If it IS suffused with such a meaning?
Then things like Love, Compassion, Sacrifice, Birth, even Suffering & Death can lead us to a final Wholeness, a final Redemption, a final Restoration.
The evidences of that inexplicable Something Wild, Beautiful, & Good are what draw me back to the Christmas story year after year.
And, yes, I truly think I “see” such Wild evidences all around me:
In Creation, family, & friends; In little acts of random Kindness & Mercy.
Call them little messages, small nudges from Beyond.
The world? Dark. Dark & getting darker.
It’s in times such as these that Christ’s words of Forgiveness, Peace & Wholeness seem like all we have left…
But in reality?
They were all we ever needed.
Grace, Courage & Joy on the journey,
~ bill mallonee

painting by:
Gerard van Honthorst – Adoration of the Shepherds (1622)